This is Me

My name is Becci. I’m not much of a Pinterest mum, though I try very hard. I am a wife who has a few issues with keeping the home –  A Stepford wife I am not. Thankfully my hubby is great!

On a good day I am a great mum. On a bad day a terrible mum and totally beat myself up about that. Add in working pretty much full time and that  throws in a whole another thing to juggle. Just as well I love my job. (Check out Rise and Shine on

I am a tad overweight and try soooo hard to get myself healthy and make all those yummy healthy things for my family.

I enjoy interior design but I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. Though I would love to be able to make things to spruce up our home.

I love fashion, travel and one day if I ever get 5 mins, I will sit and read a book again!
If I am lucky I get a few mins on Pinterest pinning stuff I like and droolling over lovely things. I always think when I finally Nail being a Pinterest mum the stars will align and world peace will be reached, I will only ever have good mum days, I will be healthy and will be able to whizz up amazing meals for family and decorate my house with all the crafty things I made and life will be fab… All when that Pinterest Nail is achieved!
That might not be case but let’s have some fun trying.


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