Pinterest Car Journey NAIL!

We are in the middle of school holidays here in Brisbane, Australia. Our first school holidays ever. Yep we made it through the first term of the first year of MJ’s schooling. Yay us.

I think we might have set the bar a bit too high for school holiday getaways. What is it with always peaking too soon?  We spent 4 nights in Hervey Bay QLD’s Oceans Resort and Spa. It was fab. Hervey Bay is a beautiful part of the world. We swam, we relaxed and we spent some quality time as a family together. Then the icing on the cake… We stopped in at Tin Can Bay and fed the wild dolphins on the way home.

I think the next holidays MJ will be disappointed when we have nothing planned.

Anyway…  I digress. This week’s nail or fail comes from having to be trapped on a car with a 5 year old on the journey from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. It is only a 3 1/2 hour trip but I wanted to keep my hair and sanity in tact… and I didn’t want use the iPad, that is for journeys over 6hours (well that is what we tell ourselves).

So I took to Pinterest the day before we left to see what I could find for surviving car journeys. There are a bunch of fab ideas on there and, had I been more organized, I could have done so much more, but I wasn’t… so last min things were what I needed.
U – Create crafts had some great printable games which I printed out.

They would have been better in colour, but as I said, I left everything till the last minute.

When it came to the rainbow car game I got MJ to colour in the car that she saw.

The ABC roadtrip game was a  HUGE hit. It kept her amused for ages and was one we all ended up playing together. Definately worth a try on your next journey. This is the sheet all finished.


Another Pinterest idea was to get an audio series to listen to. Thankfully at work we have a CD library so I borrowed Adventures in Odssey. I wasn’t sure MJ would be in to an audio drama, but that was also a hit, and hubby and I also got into it when it was on.

So we had games and an audio series to listen to… must be set now! With one final glimpse over Pinterest I found that ideally we should be storing all the things needed to keep MJ amused somewhere she could reach them… so literally in the final minutes before we left I threw everything in a bag, and put it on the back seat next to her booster seat.

Snacks – check
Drink Bottle – check
Drawing goodies – check
Car games – check
Audio series – check

It came together brilliantly! Her being able to reach everything was AWESOME!

Most of all it kept my hair in tact and sanity (somewhat) normal.

I make that a NAIL! Think what could have been achieved had I not left to it till the last minute, but that is why I am only a wannabepinterestmum 😘

Have fun!


Pinterest: 1
wannabepinterestmum: 2


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