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The Makeup Challenge!

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get away as a family. It was great, just what we needed. We are totally lucky to have family with an apartment in Hervey Bay, Qld. It is only a 4 hour drive from here (Hence that last post about keeping kids happy in the car).

The apartment is part of luxury hotel complex called Oceans Resort and Spa. Every time we go I always feel we are lowering it’s star rating by at leat 3, ha ha.  For this trip I got some ideas from pinterest of how to be that “glam mum”. Lately I have been a bit sick of the shorts and t-shirt uniform I wear. We all make sure we have everyone else in the family sorted and sometimes we go with out… am I right mums? So this time I wanted to make sure I had nice clothes to wear to dinner, I even pushed the boat out and painted my nails.

Pinerest is a fountain of knowledge for different styles, outfits and makeup.

Now, I set off to Pintetrest for some outfit advice, I was looking at what I already had that I could pair with different things. Some great ideas. HOWEVER, I was sucked in to the makeup posts that came up. I am what I like to call a makeup collector, I never use it much, but when it is in the shop and looks all sparkly, I need to have it. Silly I know. So, while on Pinterest I saw  few posts about doing natural makeup… after a night of interupted sleep, with bags under the bags under my eyes, I got my war paint out and though, heck I can give this a go! At 36 years of age I decided to have a play. It was fun but maybe I should have actually practiced at home and not while on holiday…. Always leaving things till the last min.

Now the post that sucked me in was Bare Beach Look Tutorial

She keeps things very simple and really made me think I can do this. So I gave it shot and this is how it went down….

Thinking it was a bit of fail but that is mainly because I really should check the colour of the tinted moisturiser, and I probably needed better light.

So this one was a FAIL! Thankful for the big hat and glasses.

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